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With services ranging from wealth management to more advanced financial planning, Jackson enjoys helping investors work toward their goals, and knows comprehensive relationship management is a major part of the process. In addition to securities registrations, Jackson has been honored with the Legg Mason President’s Council, Summit President’s Club, and Cetera’s Circle of Excellence.

Jackson has four grown children and is a new grandfather. Jackson has been an active youth baseball coach and was President of a youth baseball league for many years. Jackson attends Frederick Christian Fellowship Church. He loves to golf and participates in a variety of charity fundraisers. Born and raised in Maryland, Jackson’s roots are deep to this day. He has taught adult finance education classes at Frederick Community College and attended the University of Maryland. Jackson is a civil war buff who enjoys traveling and visiting local wineries.

Jackson has always been politically intrigued and always a conservative. In April of 2022, while watching Stuart Varney on Fox Business, Jackson became aware of actions by the Biden administration to prioritize climate change above other investment criteria within 401(k) plans. Jackson realized that these actions could harm investment growth for hard working Americans and damage retirement nest eggs.

Diving deep into more research, he realized that these woke climate change actions extended to most agencies of the US government as well as most major asset managers. Believing that people needed to be educated about this risk to their financial future as well as provided solutions to keep their money aligned with their values, Jackson launched

27 Years of Experience

Our Founder & President

Jackson Paulishack is dedicated to helping successful individuals and families make informed decisions addressing their most important financial concerns. “Wealth management is a comprehensive process,” says Jackson. “I help investors who want to maximize their wealth and improve their investing success.”

Invest Wisely With Jackson

There’s a new way to invest your money and it doesn’t involve supporting the leftist mob’s agenda. My name is Jackson Paulishack, I started Anti Woke Investing to help clients with a reasonable and financially sound way to invest their money that will put total control back in the hands of you and not the liberal WOKE leftist mob that is so pervasive in our society. My over 27 years of financial investing has taught me one thing, maximizing investor returns is my top priority, not prioritizing climate change or social justice policies that a company has over financial returns for my clients.

The truth of the matter is that the WOKE left want to dictate which company you invest in and punish the ones that don’t fit their ESG and social justice ideology. The major problem to this is they’re prioritizing wokeness over maximizing profits!! I’m here to grow your money with investments that will maximize your profits, put you on track for financial freedom, and keep you free from the ESG and social justice ideology.

27 Years of Experience