Do you know what your money is being invested in?

You should get to know what your investor is doing with your money and how it could be affecting you in a negative way. For most people they go to work and have a portion of their paycheck taken out and put in a 401k. For most, they have no idea what stocks or bonds their money is being put into, all they know is that it’s being “Invested.” Is this really how you want your hard earned money put to work?

Why Anti woke investing

At Anti Woke Investments we are very transparent with our clients on where their financial assets are going to. We know that the most precious thing for secured retirement is a secured financial future. We provide services and strategies in investment management, financial planning, retirement income planning, tax strategies, and risk management.

It’s very important to know that investing in today’s market isn’t even what it was just 10 years ago. Several large investment firms, including Black Rock & Vanguard are running the entire financial investment world with a combined investment wealth of over $20 trillion dollars! to control and run on the financial security narrative for many peoples life’s but it doesn’t have to be like that.

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I want you to control your finances and put your life on track for a secured financial future.