Anti Woke Investing Leads The Way For Conservative Businesses Fighting Back Against Woke ESG Policies

In recent years, we have seen a growing trend among Americans who want their investments to align with their values, both on the left and right of the political spectrum. As more light is shed on the toxic policies and low returns of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) funds, many people on the conservative side are looking else where to invest their money. This is where the Anti Woke Investing movement comes in.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Jackson Paulishak, the founder of Anti Woke Investing, shed light on the concerning state of 401k portfolios. He highlighted the fact that American investors’ hard-earned money is being held in 401k’s that prioritize climate change and other far-left social issues over financial returns. However, Paulishak has a solution to address this issue. According to him, customers who are drawn to businesses like his “feel that their values are being completely ignored-and they’re tired of it.”

To tackle this problem, Paulishak has formed a partnership with Red Brand Media, a small Texas firm that promotes itself on being “committed to preserving and upholding American values.” Together, they aim to provide a solution that aligns investors’ values with their financial goals.

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Time To Invest Where Your Values Are. Take Control Of How You Choose To Invest

Anti Woke Investing is a financial firm helping people invest their money and maximizing their returns with companies that are fully committed to protecting America, upholding American values and principles, stand up for traditional American values such as free speech and religious freedom, and “America First” mindset, in which business decisions are with the country’s best interest in mind. This includes taking a stance against ESG policies that run opposite of American values and hurt American workers and companies. Let Anti Woke Investing help maximize your returns. Call today!